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 D-I-S-Cover How to Understand Yourself and Others
  (groups of various sizes)
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"D-I-S-Cover" more...
  • Personality Insights for Moms (WINNER "BEST Parenting Book of the Year" Award)
  • Personality Insights for Couples - Why Opposites Attract and Then Attack
  • Personality Insights for the Workplace - How to Be a Successful Team
  • Personality Insights for the Church - Unity Isn't Uniformity (Sermon)
  • Celebrate Your "Personali-Tea" (Perfect for Spring, Fall, or Christmas Teas)
  • Personality Insights for Women - Finding Joy in All Relationships
  • * Personality Insights for Leadership - Achieve More When You Know More
  • * Personality Insights for Educators - How to Be an A+ Teacher
  • * Personality Insights for the Salesperson - Steps to Increase Sales Performance
  • * Personality Insights for Real Estate Professionals - Keys to Unlock the Doors of Success
  • * Personality Insights for Nurses - How to Effectively Help Your Patients

          *(Earned CEU or PDH certificates available upon completion)

Do you desire to communicate more effectively but struggle with understanding others?  Discover your basic or natural communication style.

Are you more...
Find out why today!
(Read more...)


   "Excellent!" "Incredible information!" "Outstanding presentation!" "This changed my life!"

Using the easily-learned D-I-S-C system, award-winning author and national speaker Susan Crook helps you to understand yourself and others!  Wouldn't it be great if we could communicate in a way we could understand others and they could understand us? 

Identify and assess your own personality type along with that of your spouse, child, and co-workers.  Leaders are able to recognize traits and behaviors, expanding strengths and minimizing weaknesses to improve productivity and communication both personally and professionally.  Teachers identify personality styles in the classroom and salespeople can understand the value of  "selling" according to personality styles - leading the way down a successful career path.  Parents are better equipped to understand and anticipate behaviors, enabling them to effectively motivate and discipline.  Even in the church, other personality styles can be difficult to understand, but easy to recognize and ultimately develop positive relationships when we understand why we do what we do! 

And remember, no personality style is right or wrong, just different!     ...Read More


   Be A Cheerleader FOR A LIFETIME OF HAPPINESS!                         


your marriage)

Enjoy a fun, informative, and energetic format utilizing Susan Crook's experience as a cheerleading coach ranging from elementary school age, Jr. High, college co-ed  and professionally as the Assistant Director with the 
NFL Kansas City CHIEFS Cheerleaders! 

Experience a dynamic event that encourages you to become a
cheerleader for your marriage and family!

SMALL changes can make a BIG difference!
Find out how to cheer your family to victory! 

Why have a mediocre team when you can win the SUPERBOWL?




Together with girlfriends we are able to smile at things
that otherwise would ... drive us to a gallon of ice cream!!!  

Through tears and laughter, we learn the value of forgiveness and how God can use even the toughest of circumstances for His glory if we look to Him for guidance and strength. Dissecting the story of Ruth and Naomi, we see how God orchestrates the events in our lives.

"A good girlfriend is there for you through all disasters in life
 -- like trying on new swimsuits -- because a good girlfriend loveth at all times!"

Proverbs 17:17- (Revised?)




Rahab's Rehab - From Call-Girl to Girl-Called - Transformed by the Grace of God - and a scarlet rope?  Our future isn't determined by our past.  Our future is determined by our choices.  Ever make the wrong choice?  I'm not talking about the wrong kind of latte at Starbucks.  I'm talking about the biggies - the biggies that cause the baggage.

Rahab made biggies.  Rahab had baggage.  But Rahab rehabed.  God transformed her - and God used her.  You might say, "How can God use ME?!?  I've messed up my life so much!"  God used many people in the Bible (whom we would never have guessed were usable) and in amazing ways once they turned their focus on Him! 

Learn Susan's "Five Step Plan to REHAB!"  God calls us based on our potential, not our past - and on our passion, not our power!  "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!"   2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV.


           -  Extreme Life Makeover!


Are we beautifully and wonderfully made?  Many people appear this way.  They seem to have it all together in the outside world, but are a mess on the inside.  

Our insufficiencies are the invitations to experience God's greatest sufficiency.  Through His supernatural power and ability, our lives can be faithfully transformed by His grace.  The ordinary becomes extraordinary with God stroking the paint brush of life.

When we view and hear the simple uncomplicated truth of God's Word, the magnitude of His impartial love is made known.  Lives are made new and restored through the love of God.  Find out how to get your world in sync with God's plan for you! 

(Great for Spa Retreats)



Fruit on the outside of a tree reveals what's on the inside. 
In our lives, the fruit of the Spirit is an outward expression of God at work in and through us. Paul described Christian character by using the example of fruit!  

God wants to use all of us. He doesn't pick the perfect, He picks the willing. 
Find out how the Holy Spirit works within us in a fruitful and flavorful way!  



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