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   Book Reviews:  Personality Insights for Moms


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REVIEWER: Jodi Lynn, syndicated parenting expert, CEO/founder of www.AddingWisdomAward.com.
(voted one of the top websites by Dr. Phil)

"Our Family Testers found Personality Insights for Moms to be a delightful fun-filled book with
humorous anecdotes, graphics, and charts that truly helps moms learn how to replace power struggles, unrealistic expectations, and rebellion with better communication and improved parent-child relationships. It is especially helpful for moms that have a child with a totally opposite personality than herself and inspires understanding and appreciation for our children with different interests than our own. The best part is that it encourages us to identify the strengths of our children and to actually appreciate those differences. A true 'Adding Wisdom' treasure for every mom!"


REVIEWER: James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI)

"Personality Insights for Moms!: Decrease Conflict & Increase Happiness Today" by Certified Human Behavior Consultant Susan Crook, is a handy illustrated, 319 page text to help moms understand their offsprings' baffling behavior. "Personality Insights for Moms" also helps moms understand and use their own personality styles, understand their children's ability to communicate better, handle conflict, and offer appropriate discipline, (or D-I- S-Cipline). Motivation strategies for different personality styles are offered. "Personality Insights for Moms" is a humorous, accessible book that will help parents ready to throw in the towel to hang on and keep on trying. The handy little lists, charts, graphs, and tools are quite practical and visually appealing as well. Symbols allow compressed information to be presented and humorous cartoons help to make the point memorable. "Personality Insights for Moms" is a "must read" for parents and child caretakers.


Mario Sequeira, Staff Writer

Article: "Olathe Author Offers Parents Insights Into Kids' Personalities"



Personality Insights for Moms! By Susan Crook with Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D. is the way to DISCover Communication Success. When moms (and dads and even grandparents) understand their own personality type and have these helpful insights into each child's personality type, a door is opened for excellent communication and understanding that is mutually beneficial and helps prents rear well-adjusted, cooperative, self-confident, successful, happy children. This book is outstanding�like no other in its approach to happy parenting and happy family cooperation. Buy it today and see your family happiness blossom as you each begin to understand how the other members think and are motivated. Using the formula of DISC, Susan shows how �D's� are dominant and inspirational� born to win and love to compete. �I's� want to be seen and be popular/successful; �S's�need kind words and gentle treatment and they work hard to keep the peace; �C's�like clear plans and directions and want to do things right. The book is fun to read and to discover the personality types of yourself and your family members and what to do to fill each others' personality needs so the family can live harmoniously. This book is a terrific one to own and refer to often, for fun and for help and insights.


REVIEWER: Amy Tice (Georgia)

I LOVED THIS BOOK! It was full of real-life examples, information, and illustrations that made it easy and fun to learn about the different personality styles. The author gave a variety of practical strategies that have already helped me communicate with and relate to others more effectively in everyday situations. It's a great "how to" book that any family can truly benefit from. I've already bought several copies for my family and friends, and HIGHLY recommend it!!!


REVIEWER: Donna Early

As a wife and mom of 5, I've been a student of temperaments for years. I've read excellent material on the topic. Susan Crook's presentation of the DISC personality styles is one of the most comprehensive, encouraging, and accurate books available. As parents we are to be students of our children, observing them, understanding their particular strengths and weaknesses, what motivates them or hinders their development. Studying temperament theories is such a practical means of accomplishing this goal. It's also fun, interesting, and exciting to recognize how our individual characteristics can contribute to our children's lives in beneficial ways and possible areas of conflict and ineffectiveness we need to be alert to. The understanding of temperament is not limited to family relationships but can easily become some of the most useful knowledge to apply in all our interactions with others. The insights you gain will be invaluable.



REVIEWER: Dianne E. Shantz

This book is absolutely wonderful! It's perfect for any mom of any age but it is especially helpful for moms that have a child with a totally different personality than themselves. It helped me to understand and appreciate my child that has a different energy level and different interests than my own. I have used the strategies for working with different personalities in my work place as well. It has really helped me to extend my patience for others knowing we are all created differently and more importantly, to value their strengths.


Book Description

D-I-S-Cover communication success -- decrease conflict and increase happiness with your children today! Whether your children are 2 or 22, it's never too late to understand their personality style and why they do what they do. Recognizing personality differences, this book equips moms with a fresh new awareness, conflict resolutions, and creative discipline suggestions relating to each child's individual personality style. Filled with numerous graphs, charts, and a mini-assessment test for mom and child, "Personality Insights for Moms!" is a fun, easy-read that readers won't want to put down. Recommended for every mom, step-mom, single mom, or grandmother who cares about her child!

About the Author
Award winning author, Susan Crook, is a Certified Human Behavior Consultant with a Master's Degree in Communication. Formerly a successful business owner and the Assistant Director of the NFL Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders, Susan is a motivational leader in many respects.  As an international speaker, she equips, encourages, and motivates others to build stronger relationships and live extraordinary lives.


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